2019 was a big year for swimwear – the wonderful and weird.

From gravity defying to the skimpy and uncomfortable, we count down the best and the worst swimwear trends of last year.


3. Underboob bikini

Photo source: IG @ladies_on_point


No playing in waves in this one…



Our model pulled up the Soleil bikini to give this trend a go – she looks great but I’m sure she’ll be putting it back in place before going into the water!

Ah, the gravity defying underboob bikini. I always thought bikini’s were meant to offer support from the bottom up… 

2. Vagina floss

Photo source: FB @kneedipinlife


Let’s spend a minute remembering this viral post

Photo source: IG @baydproductions


Liberté Swimwear’s comfier take on the trend – Monaco in Alonso

Remember when the super skinny front bikini went viral? Yep, we do, and for good reason.  Pulled up to the waist (or even the ribs) at a thrillingly sharp angle, these swimsuits are not for the faint-hearted.

Although, the feedback is that the Liberté take on the trend is actually comfortable and super flattering for many body shapes. 

1. Tape swimwear

Photo source: IG @sg.lavish

Photo source: IG @iamalexismachaud

While we can appreciate it as a form of body art, this trend made its way to real life in 2019. 

Imagine going to the beach or pool with nothing but tape keeping your private parts, well… private. 

So. Many. Questions. 

What about bathroom breaks, is it like a free wax when you take it off, tan lines…? 


3. Bright colours

In the age of feminine power, this year’s bikinis really reflected that mindset. We are bold and beautiful! 

2. Slip-proof triangle bikini

We all love the triangle bikini. It’s classic shape is flattering and is versatile enough to avoid too many awkward tan lines with some strategic repositioning throughout the day. 

What we didn’t love was the propensity for slippage as we played in the waves. Ever lost your bikini after a frolic in the water? Or feel the need to double check everything’s where they should be before heading back to the towel? 

Yep you get the idea. 

2019 brought to Australia Liberté Swimwear and the collection of slip proof bikinis. Including the slip resistant bralette bikini, Cherie. 

With a thicker band and triple layered fabric, these bikinis cling to your body.

1. Baywatch is back!

You might be wondering if it was ever really gone or if the Baywatch trend has always been lingering in the background. 

We think there have been variations of it over the years, but it’s been a while since a luxe, cheeky version has come out. 

The Vita one piece in Chilli is our best seller and we can understand why. 

Triple layered and just cheeky enough, this minimalist swimsuit brings out the fierce in every woman! 

With free shipping and returns*, why not give our luxe swimwear range a try?

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