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Liberte behind the scenes on our first photoshoot

Hi Liberte babes!

We’ve been asked quite a bit about what it’s like doing our first photoshoot, how it was working with models, etc and so we thought we’d share some behind the scenes footage with you all!

6:30 am

Yes you heard that right – our models arrived 6:30am to get hair and makeup done. Nevena (@nevenatepic) and Sarah (@sarahsuu) walked in the door and we knew instantly that we had made the right choice picking them as our models.

8:00 am

We met up with our photographer (@nataliekovalphoto) in the Northern Beaches of Sydney to start shooting. We wanted a location that had a “wild and remote” look. Because lounging by the pool is fun but how much more exciting is sunbathing in the wilderness!

To get to the shoot location we had to walk 15 minutes then climb over rocks and seaweed with all our gear. AND it was windy which made things a bit hairier than we would have liked – and it got a bit scary in the afternoon which we’ll tell you more about.


Shooting with our super team of models, photographer and make up artist was fun. It was SUPER windy though and our stuff kept blowing away!

Check out these short clips and you’ll see how windy it was!

Our make up artist and co-founder Natallie (@natalliemua) did well keeping the hair in check and keeping the sand off our models.

Leaving the site

After quite a few hours we had loads of great campaign photos and were ready to go. That’s when we realised… we were stranded! The tide had risen and we couldn’t go back the way we came because it was too dangerous.

So we had to find another way.

We found a part of the cliff that had been eroded a bit to form some not-flip-flop-friendly steps. So we formed a bit of a line and passed our gear up the to the top and then one by one helped each other up.

All this in windy conditions. It was a bit of a hairy moment to say the least.

We all got out without a scratch though which was amazing. I guess you live and learn right?

We hope that answered your questions!

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